Sunshine Life Emulator

Hatch Dream

Inspirational moments, re-discovered sounds, and the things that we forget. Edit.

Hatch Dream was built following an intense two month recording period, just before the Coronavirus pandemic, in his hometown of Kingston upon Hull. Much of the sound was sourced from his small but well trusted collection of analogue synths.

As well as the audio from these recording sessions, the album features fragments and sounds collected over several years. Quickly committing things to audio is often a component of van Ryn’s process, accepting imperfection and the inability to edit sounds at source. 

This change of pace whilst writing ‘Hatch Dream’ led to a wider feeling of taking stock, and looking back. “I think there’s a lot of nostalgia in the album, when I visualize this music I often think of hazy memories from childhood. In particular, I remember watching a Dutch cartoon about a farm. It was quite trippy and haunting, I don’t think it was meant to be and if I saw it now I’m sure I’d laugh.”

Thoughts around the degradation and transformation of memory mirror the creative process of working with older recordings. “As memories get older we lose some of the detail but our mind fills in the gaps, making it into something different. It is a bit like what I’ve tried to do in audio form on the album – I like things that feel slightly off, or not quite set where they should be”. 

‘Hatch Dream’ is often optimistic, at times pensive; an album that is welcoming but that reveals darker undercurrents. Unafraid to embrace fleeting moments creatively, it reflects the ephemeral nature of memory.